Monday, April 28, 2008

Corrina this Spring

This is a very long overdue post! Corrina's surgery, in November, went great! Her activation, in December, just before Christmas, also went very well. It was shocking for her to hear through another implant. I imagine that the things she was hearing were very different from the well trained sounds coming through the original implant. She became almost catatonic, going into a shell, wanting only to sit on Mom's lap with her eyes closed. This was interesting to us as parents because she is not a cuddler. After some time, and some coaxing with fun toys, she engaged in play and with the people around her. The following week was smooth, with only a few times when COrrina did not want to be wearing her new processor.
Now, 4 months later, she can tell instantly when one processor has fallen off (or gone dead!), and lets us know rather quickly. If she can she will put her own coil back in place, and try to get her microphone hook back over her ear. She is very attentive to the state of her hearing!
On certain days Corrina does so well with simple instructions, phrases of celebration, and even tones of discipline that I feel we have accomplished more than I could have imagined. Sometimes she chats up a storm at the dinner table, copying Mom and Dad's phrases, and mimicking syllable length or tone. She has even learned to say her own name in her own way: Rrrreeeeeennnaaa! Of course other days it feels like we have so much farther to go before she will be comprehending language and speaking like her peers. It is the moments of celebration and success that make the frustrations through out each day bearable and worthwhile!

Like a normal little 2 year old girl, Corrina has been working on learning to clean-up after herself (I haven't caught it on video yet, but she will sometimes sing the 'clean-up' song!), learning which toys she can and cannot play catch with, embarking on imaginative adventures (being a little queen or a power ranger... the debate is still out on this one!), and of course learning to potty train. Her understanding of the words and sounds around her seems to be growing exponentially this month. I do believe that we have the second implant to thank for this! We have noticed that Corrina picks up new words and phrases quicker than she seemed to with one implant. Of course age of development play a role in this ease of learning, however her ability to listen, discriminate and imitate using two ears is excellent!
Corrina's new favorite 'character' is Elmo. She is very clear in communicating with words when she would like to watch Elmo. I find it rather amusing that at this point she can say his name better than ours (mama and Daddy that is...). We like to tell ourselves that this is due to the simplicity of the name Elmo, rather than a measure of love. Only Corrina really knows though... She can be rather demanding thus her many requests to watch Elmo have provided opportunities to learn about manners and limits.
I think this photo needs a little explanation. Before going to bed Corrina wanted to carry her little baby around between the snaps in her pj's. She spent the evening like this, watching closely over her sleeping baby. When we lied her down in her crib she really did not like the idea of her little baby sleeping elsewhere, so we thought what's the harm really, and left her with her baby. Obviously she is a big fan of co-sleeping, as we returned to find her still taking close care of her 'twin'. I can't believe how similar the two look when they are sleep! Now to sew a lady bug suit, or convince Anne Geddes to photograph Corrina....

Above all we are doing out best to enjoy Corrina during this stage of independence. She is such a joyful little darling, quick to learn, and quick to laugh!
Here is a little video of her jumping around...enjoy!